3. Cloud GIS - Online platform

Cloud GIS

This refers to hosted services on the internet meant for users of GIS technology or members of public who want to access maps. Services include map service, data storage and access, powerful analysis with applications, to manage assets and information.

Let´s explore 3 Cloud GIS -online platforms:

1. One example is the WorldMap developed by Harvard. http://worldmap.harvard.edu/  The WorldMap platform enables users to share and integrate spatial data into online web applications. You can search and display the spatial information published in this platform. To add, create, modify or edit new layers, you have to register (using any email account).

2. Another example for a platform to share and exchange spatial data is ESRI’s ArcGIS Online Platform (http://www.arcgis.com ). Explore it with your organisational account or developers account.

If you do not have any account create one here.

3. And third has very simple name Cloud GIS -  GIS Cloud’s Map Portal is a customizable cloud based tool for visualizing, exporting and publishing geospatial data. There is free try is possible.