1. Portal - geoportal


The word "portal" means gate or entrance. It was adopted in mid-1990s, and refers to websites that serve as gateway to other websites. Geoportals are a gateway to geospaitial information, they bridge between Web-GIS servers and cleints (Fu and et.all., 2018).

Geoportal facilitate geospatial data sharing between providers and user, by giving providers an opportunity to publish their data and services and users an opportunity to find, assess and access to the published geospatial data and services. 

Geospatial Data and Service Providers publish the metadata – the description of geospatial data and services – to geoportals. Users can browse and search through the geoportals to find the relevant geospatial resources and evaluate their applicability.  Then user can contact to Publisher or provider of this resource or user can download, connect to data or services and use.

A Geoportal is an interface between a community of users and spatial data owners. It enables data producers to publish references to their spatial datasets and services. Users can search, find, visualize and assess the discovered spatial information.